Party-time at the Stadstuin

  • Our garden is a beautiful place to celebrate birthdays or other festivities. Herewith we give you our guidelines.
  • Organizing a party is only possible after booking in advance and conformation Email :
  • Only (parents of) contributors are allowed to organize a party. Contribution needs to be paid in advance. You are already sponsoring for euro 15,– : Bankaccount is NL 57 RABO 0174 9150 55 t.n.v. Stichting Vrienden van Rusthout
  • A personal contribution of 2 euro per attending person will be required at the end of the party.
  • Partytime from  ( 11.00-16.30 hour; closed on Mondays and Thursdays.)
  • The  maximum number of people attending a party is 20 (kids and adults)
  • At least 2 adults need to accompany a childerens party.
  • Your cake can be stored in our fridge, for other snacks you need to bring a coolbox.
  • Consumptions preferably bought at the Stadstuin.
  • As from May the party should be held in the garden. Two large picknick tables are available. In case of bad weather and as of October, the party can be held inside.
  • You can bring your own food and drinks, but also you need to bring your own dishes and cups etc.

    Not allowed:
  • Drinking and serving alcohol, loud music from phones ipods etc., barbecue, release (wish) balloons, confetti, and bringing pets.  

    What do we expect from you:
  • Always follow the directions of the superintendent
  • Clean up after the party. Take home all the garbage, also strings, notes, etc.
  • Directly after the party pay the bill in cash or by PIN

Buying here your drinks and food will do ‘the Stadstuin’ a lot of good !